Team Talks
Do them yourself, seriously, assistants are just rubbish at them, even the best assistants (although at least half you will ignore me through sheer laze and then blame me afterwards)
• Be harsh! Ask yourself what the stereotypical Sir Alex Ferguson would have done (NB: there is no "kick boot at head of captain option" - pull your finger out SI!)
• Before I match: I usually aggressively expect a result, followed by individually assertively telling them I have faith (even if I don't have faith, because most of the little primadonna are spoilt sods)
• At half time: (even if my teams winning) if most of my team have below 7 performance I will aggressively tell them it's not good enough, those that don't respond to that (or respond badly) I will individually tell they were not good enough assertively (there you go, despite it being the tactics sharing forum I have spoon fed you, there will be no more from this teat mr!)

Opposition Instructions
• I don't usually use them unless it's not going well in the first 20 minutes against a far superior opponent, then I tend to close-down/tight-mark/hard-tackle/weaker-foot their ST/AML/AMR positions - mark the positions, not the people (there's even a big colourful button so you know the difference this year, well done Fisher Price...I mean SI....)
• The exception to this is of course if you're having trouble with a counter attacking type player - this doesn't just mean any fast striker, this means a striker specifically setup to catch you out with balls over the top, you need to kick his arse and mark him out of the game (Que the idiots who don't actually watch the games and have no idea how they're conceding...)
• Do not put them on AUTO, it just doesn't work (auto OI's are serious atrocious, I think SI is literally punishing lazy people....bunch of sadists)

ST - Deep Lying Forward (Attack)
• Type of player: You need a fast Target Man, hard to come by admittedly, but worth their weight in gold (think: Lukaku/Kane).
• Best stats: Finishing, Heading, Composure, Acceleration, Jumping.
• Good PPMs: "Gets Into Opposition Area", "Plays One-Twos" .
• Notes: Yes, I've essentially asked you to play a complete forward as a deep-lying forward, I know, it hurts my sensibilities too.

AML/R - Inside Forwards (Support)
• Type of player: A traditional winger but with good finishing and shooting (think: Sanchez).
• Best stats: Dribbling, Finishing, Acceleration, Pace, Crossing, Long Shots.
• Good PPMs: "Cuts Inside", "Moves into channels"
• Notes: Don't switch them to attack, they won't cover and you'll get smashed on counter attacked. This position will play a little erratically, on a normal day they'll get acceptable 7.0's, but when they're on, they'll get a hat-trick. I'm open to ideas to improve consistency.

AMC - AM (Attack)
• Type of player: A play-maker but not a play-maker? I find the actual play-maker position is drawn toward the ball too much, this is my compromise, a good AMC does the business here, and if he's got an eye for a pass all the better, they'll also get a few long-shot opportunities from corners!
• Best stats: First Touch, Passing, Dribbling, Long Shots, Acceleration.
• Good PPMs: "Plays One-Twos", "Runs With Ball Often".

MCL - CM (Support)
• Type of player: A box-to-box type player, a battering ram, charges into the box from deep and takes on shots (Dembele was amazing here). I've reduced him from Box-to-Box to CM Support as he joins up the play better.
• Best stats: First Touch, Passing, Dribbling, Long Shots, Acceleration.
• Good PPMs: "Gets Forward Whenever Possible", "Gets Into Opposition Area".

DMR - DM (Support)
• Type of player: Aggressive defensive midfielder, will look to attack the ball and break up opposition play (think: Kante).
• Best stats: Tackling, Work Rate, Positioning, Stamina, Concentration, Aggressive, Acceleration.
• Good PPMs: "N/A"

FB's - FB (Attack)
• Type of player: Defensive duties come first, but some good attacking attributes will give you width and crossing (think: Rose).
• Best stats: Marking, Tackling, Work Rate, Acceleration, Crossing, Dribbling.
• Good PPMs: "Runs With Ball Down The X", "Runs With Ball Often".

CB's - Defender
• Type of player: Jumping and Heading are important as I play a high line and they'll often need to clear the ball as it comes in. You'll also need good acceleration (anticipation is a huge bonus too) so they don't get beaten by balls over-the-top on the counter.
• Best stats: Heading, Marking, Tackling, Jumping, Strength, Acceleration, Anticipation.
• Good PPMs: "N/A"

GK - Keeper
• Type of player: One-on-ones is particularly important as this tactic often has it's fullbacks pressing quite high-up the field.
• Best stats: Handling, Reflexes, Arial Reach, Command of Area.
• Good PPMs: "N/A"