RFN’s Russian Data Update for FM18
Data Update by @RusFootballNews for the Russian football leagues, featuring CA/PA changes, transliteration changes, up to date manager changes, activation of the 3rd tier, the PFL and adjusted transfer preferences & values.

With over 1800 pieces of information changed in the database, we hope that by including this file in your game, we can further add to the realism of Football Manager.

The changes include:
Disputed translation of names changed (e.g. Yerokhin becomes Erokhin, and Anji becomes Anzhi).
Amended transfer preferences to prevent too many inter-rival transfers.
CA/PA (current and potential ability) changes for a handful of players. Underrated and overrated players changed accordingly.
Tactical preferences updated to the team’s most common formation in real life (E.G Rostov will use 5-3-2 WB)
Adjustments to attributes.
Unlocking the 3rd tier of Russian football – the PFL.
Updated recent transfers and managerial changes.

Installation instructions
For novices to downloading a data update, you will need to add the file to the following folder. Then when you start a new game on FM18, the file will be automatically included in your save.

My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2018 > editor data