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    [Logos] Blister'18 Logos Megapack by

    Blister'18 Logos Megapack by
    Over 42 000 logos by including all playable FM clubs and nations for Football Manager 2018. One of the largest packs available.

    For the first time, is releasing a graphic asset for Football Manager. Confident in the abilities of our team (at the origin of Evo Kits or Insert Logos), we decided to dedicate ourselves to a logo pack. It’s a very simple visual designed to attrack your eyes.
    This style shines best on the most colourful logos. It is usable in game but also to illustrate any story you can make.

    We’re proud to present the “Blister’18” ! The template was made by Groot and the name choosen courtesy of Guru.
    A little story hides behind this name. Return to childhood two minutes, i’m pretty sure you’ve already play to card game such as Magic, Pokemon & such. So this name reflects the style that kind of remind of old card packs when they were still under the plastic. It’s that feeling whe felt during the process.

    Even though it is the first graphic pack released by, you will still be able to find logo for every playable team in the game and many more. Did you just download an african database & start a game with Cape Town City ? Worry not, you already got that logo.

    Logos for competitions & nations are also included of course.

    This style suits best the dark theme.

    We want particularly thanks aka_wizard who allowed us to use his default pack as basis to our work.


    Here a little summary of number of logos included in the pack.

    Africa: Almost 2000 Clubs Logos
    Asia : Almost 4150 Clubs Logos
    Océania : Almost 350 Clubs Logos
    North America & Caribbean : Almost 2150 Clubs Logos
    South America : Almost 3200 Clubs Logos
    Europa : Almost 26 800 Logos Clubs
    Nations: Almost 300 Logos
    Competitions : Almost on 2340 Logos

    TOTAL[/u] : Almost 42 000 Logos


    - Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

    - Move the extracted contents to your graphics folder:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\graphics\logos\
    - Create folders "graphics" and "logos" if they don't exist already.
    If you're installing an updated version, simply overwrite everything.

    - Run Football Manager 2018 and go to Preferences > Interface:
    - Hit the [Clear Cache] button
    - Enable Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences
    - Hit the [Reload Skin] button


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    29 Aug 2006
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