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    19 Jun 2013
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    Từ: [Teaser] Football Manager 2016

    Trích dẫn Trích dẫn bài viết của mr.kevintrung Bài viết
    Hôm nay mồng 10 rồi mà chưa thấy ra bản final nhỉ
    thứ 6 ngày 13 tháng 11 nha bạn :loemat:

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    06 Jul 2012
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    Từ: [Teaser] Football Manager 2016

    Xem trận đấu ở chế độ key mà lâu kinh


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    24 Jul 2011
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    Từ: [Teaser] Football Manager 2016

    oh công nhận, k biết có phải cơ hội nhiều hơn k, mà lâu vl

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    08 Feb 2011
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    Từ: [Teaser] Football Manager 2016

    Cac bác chơi rồi cho xin ý kiến, không biết bản này có khác biệt nhiều so với 2015 không ạ

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    24 Jul 2011
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    Từ: [Teaser] Football Manager 2016

    FM vừa có update

    A Football Manager Touch 2016 update (v16.2.0) is now available to download for PC/Mac and Linux.

    To get the latest version simply quit and restart Steam.

    Updates include but are not limited to the following:


    Improved match performance on Retina displays
    Improved Retina graphics benchmarking (requires cleared cache & preferences)
    Fixed processing panel not disappearing when using alt-tab
    Fixed game not launching in Full Screen modes on certain system setups

    Fixed attributes pop-up ordering attributes alphabetically by abbreviation not by full name
    Fixed captain icon not displaying in-match
    Fixed Ctrl+F shortcut
    Fixed Average Positions & Heat Map options on ProZone panels showing incorrect information during live matches

    Fixed obscure nations topping World Rankings at the start of new games
    Improvements to AI transfer & contract negotiations

    Improved defending of full backs who were tucking in inappropriately
    Improved behaviour of backline when deciding to cover out of position players
    Prevented ball getting stuck in the crossbar
    Fixed instances of goalkeepers being stranded out of goal after being called over to be booked
    Fixed some examples of dead time after ball is returned from a throw in following an injury
    Improved system of players taking a penalty when on a hat-trick
    Fixed some instances of poor back passes and goalkeepers lack of reaction to them
    Fixed some problems with Specific Man Marking instruction
    Refined referee decision making on offside calls
    Improved defenders behaviour when reacting to a ball they are favourite to win
    Improved goalkeeper decisions to parry ball back into play when they could let the ball go out
    Improved goalkeeper decisions on when to come off their line
    Improved accuracy of shots on goal
    Refined passing decision making to reduce instances of unnecessary direct and rushed passes
    Fixed some instances of a goal being awarded when the shot had hit the bar and not gone in

    Fixed created clubs keeping affiliations preventing them from being promoted.
    Fixed created clubs not displaying their own kits on Team of the Week.

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    09 Jul 2011
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    Từ: [Info] Football Manager 2016

    ko biết họ có fix lỗi chấn thương ko. Thấy trên steam nhiều người cũng kêu chấn thương nhiều quá

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    25 Aug 2015
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    Từ: [Info] Football Manager 2016

    Cái bài review về FM 2016 đều liệt kê cái lỗi chấn thương này !

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    Ngày tham gia
    04 Nov 2008
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    Từ: [Info] Football Manager 2016

    link mua trực tiếp từ sega giá 22.5$ cho bác nào cần

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