FM21 Data Tweaks v3.4 [Updated on 02/02/2021]
Database Tweaks for FM 2021 with a huge amount of changes to improve the gaming experience. Created missing Players/Staff/Board Members with cut-out pictures. Improved Stadiums/Names/Player/Staff details to match real life. [COMPATIBLE WITH 21.3 PATCH].

- Fixed some Stadium/Academy names, capacity;
- Adjusted Players details (favourite foot, height, etc);
- Name fixes for Players to fit real life;
- Retirement of Players/Staff following real life;
- Tweaked Staff to match their type of training;
- Created Board Members/Staff to some Teams;
- Created new Players into the database;

Use this file along side others to have the perfect game setup:
- Download FM21 Data Tweaks;
- Download your favourite Transfer Update;
- Download your favourite Name Fix.
- Download your favourite Facepacks, Logos, Kits;

Please pay attention to the files in editor data may influence the general experience!
Attention that this is a Work In Progress and every feedback is appreciated!

Place the folders in:
- Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021
- Go in-game and reload your skin to see the faces;