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    29 Aug 2006
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    Từ: Share Account Steam chơi FM21, có tính phí

    Minor Update 21.2.2 (includes but not limited to):
    Stability and Technical
    - Performance improvements related to upscaling on high resolution displays
    - Fix for change resolution confirmation popup not working correctly

    - Addressed players not staying in senior squad when being moved from other squads

    Match Engine 21.5.0
    - Tweaks to address player ratings being too low

    Competitions and Rule Groups
    - Retroactive fix for multiple home or away matches against same team in English Premier Division
    - Retroactive fix for Israeli squad numbers being reset
    - Fix for some foreign players being incorrectly counted as naturalised players in China
    - Improvements to AI logic on foreign player registration in China
    - User no longer being told they are maxing out loaning total incorrectly

    Football Manager Touch Specific
    - Fix for crash occurring when transfer window opens
    - Importing of FM exported teams into Football Manager Touch for versus mode now working correctly

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    15 Jul 2011
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    Từ: Share Account Steam chơi FM21, có tính phí

    Có bản Update 8/1/21 link Google Drive không ạ Tải Fshare ko biết bao giờ xong

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    06 Sep 2007
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    Từ: Share Account Steam chơi FM21, có tính phí

    Mong admin thêm link Google Drive, chứ Fshare khó download lắm

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