Một bản V-League được làm bởi một người bạn nước ngoài, Scott Sommerville, thật bất ngờ

Scott Sommerville
Hi guys.

Just finished a new realistic database for V.League 2020.

- V.League 1

- V.League 2

- V.League 3 Group A/B

- V.League 4 Group A/B

- National Cup

- Super Cup

- Updated Club facilities

- Slight boost to Vietnam Youth Rating

- Small CA/PA changes to selected Vietnamese players

- Updated Club affiliations

- Updated ACL entrants (unfortunately unable to change AFC Cup entrants)

- No players transfers made

- Small changes to club morale and reputation based on V.League 2019 performance.

Vietnam national team not likely to include players such as Le Michel and Oseni.

Downloadable from steam:


Any feedback or errors, let me know!
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Dien...5073117870889/