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Realistic Injuries + 84 New for Football Manager 2019.

2 versions, both include:
84 new injuries
varying grades (or severity) of an injury
increased GK injury types
specific muscle and ligament injuries
more realistic treatment options
and more...
Tested for 10 seasons with 80+ other data files loaded, no issues.

Version 1 - Increased Injury Frequency (realistic):
SI has stated:
Having anywhere from 1-9 injuries at a time would be considered normal, with an average of 4-6.
This is roughly 70-80% of reality.
This file has increased the number of injuries to be closer to reality. Testing by simulating seasons has resulted in 0-8 injuries at a time, an average of 1-4.
There will be more injuries overall, but the most common are a week or less of time out, and can be dealt with by protective equipment or injections, if you choose.

Version 2 - Reduced Injury Frequency:
This file is closer to the default injury frequency and makes it easier to manage injuries.

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