Sau 1 vài mùa thì các newgen sẽ trở nên bị buff quá đà về chỉ số, dùng mod này sẽ chỉnh sửa lại cho hợp lý, tránh tình trạng quá nhiều wonderkid.

The Newgen Fix / More Realistic Regens for Football Manager 2019

This is a FM2019 conversion of Dr. Gonzo's amazingly researched, detailed, and tested Newgen Fix.
The Newgen Fix reduces the many overpowered newgens to a much more realistic level, by nation.

Dr. Gonzo's Premise: The game clearly produces too many highly talented Newgens. Of course, not all players fully exploit their potential, especially as the CPU teams seldom support these players optimally. The very big outliers on the top also take the CPU teams properly. For a good human manager, the search for talent is clearly too simple.

Dr. Gonzo's original FM17 thread has plenty of information on the effort he went to determine the best rating numbers, the many factors involved besides just Youth Rating, and the hours of testing done.

How to get more realistic newgens on FM 2019
Move the downloaded .fmf file to your editor data folder. By default this is located at:
/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/editor data
If that folder doesn't exist, you need to create it yourself.

Start a new career game with this file enabled.