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    29 Aug 2006
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    [Skin] The Rensie Custom Skin(s)

    The skin was made in the default purple and also in the dark version.
    Instant result button included.
    This skin was made mainly for my own use, I’m happy with this version and I will update it only if something will not work.

    Edited things:

    Player Overview - two versions of DF11 - one from FM18 without a kit, one from FM17 with kit + kit & signature with Cut-Out picture. Both edited to make them better to view with bordered box background and I moved the widget line with stats up under the attributes.
    Player Attributes + Player Comparison by DF11
    Inbox adjustment - coloured news item, bigger pictures in the header of the mail
    Scouting recommendation/card bigger picture
    Staff Overview + Human Manager profile
    Club Overview
    Schedule - right panels resize
    Inbox item - a team of the week/month picture in the mailbox resized (guide how to remove it in the original post)
    Match In-Between Highlights + Halftime/Match Review Screen Mods
    Caps font removed + added a logo to the background

    Original DF11 panels before edit – Pikawa
    DF11 default faces
    Wannachup – Instant result button
    Ramoscu – Dark Inbox-Calendar-Scouting boxes before edit
    Michael Murray – Match In Between Highlights + Halftime/Match Review Screen Mods and all other useful tips and advice


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    29 Aug 2006
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