Club Banners & Adboards | What's included
Over 700 clubs are featured, including:

Every club in the...
English Premier League / Championship / League One
Spanish La Liga / Liga Adelante
French Ligue 1 / Ligue 2
Italian Serie A / Serie B
German Bundesliga / 2.Bundesliga
Portuguese Primeira Liga
Swiss Super League
Turkish Super Lig
Dutch Eredivisie
and top Champions-League/Europa League teams from elsewhere in Europe

Each top league (plus Champions League) is coded to automatically display league-specific video adboards along the pitch, and static club-specific boards in the stands.
Each lower-league team in the 2nd division (or below) is coded to then “turn on” video adboards if they are promoted to top league, or if they make the Champions League.

Plus comprehensive coverage of...
Brazilian Serie A
American MLS (all clubs) and many lower-division US teams
Mexican Liga MX
Argentine Primera Divison
Heavy South American representation, including many other clubs from Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, etc
Top teams from Central America for those playing in US/Mexican club competitions
Japanese J-League (or "Nihon League" as its called in game) and some J2 League teams
Chinese Super League (most clubs)
Australia A-League (all clubs)


Extract the contents of the file. You don't need special software for that as it's a .zip file.

Place the first "ads" folder (the one that has only the fm.xml file inside it) inside your FM18 user data folder, that by default is found at:
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2018

Place the large "pictures/ads" folder inside your "graphics" folder:
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2018 > graphics
If you already have a pictures folder, just place the large "ads" folder within it, so as not to erase whatever else is in your pictures folder, like stadiums, flags, city pics, etc.
If you don’t have a graphics folder, please create one. Graphics folder should now read graphics/pictures/ads.

The first "ads" folder is that small one with just the fm.xml file, the second one is in the graphics/pictures folder. My graphics folder already had other sub-folders for faces, logos, etc, while my pictures folder also has sub-folders for city pics, backgrounds, etc.

Place the "simatchviewer_uncompressed" folder (this contains the video ads) into the "data" folder within your Steam installation folder (which is not located in the area of the first two folders):
steam > steamapps > common > Football Manager 2018 > data

Note: Many Mac users have a hard time finder their Library folder. Easiest way is to go to your Finder menu at the top of your Mac, click “Go,” and hold down the option key. The Library path will magically open up.

See here for visual pathway (Mac):

This simatchviewer_uncompressed folder has two sub-folders, one of fonts (which helps some computers read names while with the match engine) and the videos.

Please restart FM18 entirely. If you just refresh the cache, the game may still not realize there is an entirely new place to find its graphics. Only when FM18 is restarted will it find and read the new ads xml file, and also discover the video ads.

Go in-game to the Preferences > Interface screen; click on "Clear Cache". And then return to the same screen and click "Reload Skin".
Individual team banners and flags should now appear. Enjoy!