This database adds 11 real life agents to Football Manager 2018 and properly assigns real players and staff to them (more than 1300 changes). Experience Mino Raiola, Jorge Mendes and few others with their real life clients.

You need to start a new save for this to work. Compatible with the 18.3 winter update.

How to get real life agents in FM 2018
Download the database and move the FM18 Real Life Agents (by pr0).fmf file to your editor data folder:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/editor data/
If the editor data folder doesn’t exist, you have to create it yourself.

Open FM18 and start a new career.
Now select the 18.3 database from the top right drop down menu and make sure this file is enabled.!VApBSQQT!bRvybrvFH...x-UfBpfcaVUx4I