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Tactical Roles:
Sweeper Keeper:

Your Guardiola type keeper- able to distribte to the back 4 and sweep up as required.

Full Backs:
Crossing ability and be defensively aware, I had Luke Shaw and Florenzi as my First team full backs.

Ball Playing Defenders:
Must have pace, as the greatest weakness to this tactic are through balls over the top, which i found to occur more when I used my second string Defenders who were slow. I used Sule and Manolas/Lemos. USEFUL PPMS: Bring Ball Out of Defence

Inverted Wingers:
These are my favourite players in this tactics. They will surge forward, score goals, cross from the byline, cut inside. They add dynamic to the team and thefore it would be ideal for these players to be able to play with both feet. I used Gomez, Chiesa, Deulofeu, Talisca.
USEFUL PPMS: Gets into Opposition Area, Refrains from taking long shots, Plays one twos, Cuts Inside

Ball Winning Midfielder:
No nonsense midfielder. Has defend duty to add stabilty to the team and midfield. Doesn't get high ratings but is nevertheless important. I had Berge and Tolisso occupy this position.

Deep Lying Playmaker:
All round midfielder that can set up moves and keep the ball moving. Should have good tackling ability. I used Arthur and Pelligrini.

Advanced Playmaker:
Offensive creator and primarily there to assist the wingers and striker. Should have good dribbling and passing ability. I had Talisca, Rashford and James Rodriguez.

Complete Forward:
You will need a physical striker with good heading ability and finishing one on one chances. I had Belotti and he scored approximately 1 goal per match.
USEFUL PPM's: Shoots With Power, Tries First time shots, Looks to Break Offiside Trap

Training and OI's:
I play on Fm Touch so i leave training to assistant and do not use any OI's. Feel free to modify if need be.