First time posting a tactic so feel free to let me know if I miss something out.

Built this tactic out with Blackburn in L1 and it's worked a charm with a fairly mediocre side and handful of loan signings. Not only have I been promoted to the championship with 10 games to spare but also have beaten Chelsea and Man City in the FA cup, the latter being a 5-4 thriller.

The beauty of this tactic is that it not also starves the opposition of possession by aggressively pressing them high up the pitch, but even when you don't have the ball, the ability to break quickly and score as well. All my strikers are scoring, it's not even the end of the season and Danny Graham has scored 15....that's right Danny Graham is even prolific...

No OI's
Training once tactic is fully familiar, is Def Positioning against stronger teams and Attack Movement against weaker.

Most of the draws and losses were at the start of the season whilst I was still tweaking the tactic. Let me know how it goes.

I've also attached a secondary tactic I use when I really want to hold onto a lead but have the capability to counter.


- Your F9 is the prime goal scorer so you want supplementary strikers around him. For the DLF you ideally want a striker that can win a header, good strength and will move into channels to create space for you F9.
- Your AF should be incredibly fast, once again moving in the channels to bomb down the right and usually ping a ball into the feet of your F9 or on the head of your DLF
- Good WB's are also important in terms of chipping in for assists. Pace isn't hugely important here and the team usually sits high up on the pitch and they're not usually involved in counter attacks. So good crossing ability over pace (but if you can get both then great)
- If anyone get's booked during match, tell them to ease off tackles.