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Training trước mùa

Trong mùa

Individual training

Individual training always same as roles they are playing.

3. Tips

- use attached (up) Opposition Instructions (OI)
- buy good coaches, remember more coaches you have your tactics will be fluid quickly and your players will develop better
- do not buy more then 4 new players to first squad on 1 transfer window
- start a season with minimum 9 friendly games to get the tactics fully fluid
- do the motivation talks with your team every 6 matches and ALWAYS praise them whey they winning
- praise your players individually when they perform well and warn when they are lazy
- corners perform by players with best attribute and the opposite leg (left corner with right foot)
- remove Tackle Harder in Player Instructions from booked player during the match (if there is one) and mark Ease Off Tackles instead
- when you are winning 3:0 at home and you control and dominate the game remove Tackle Harder in Player Instructions from all players on the pitch to avoid unnecessary yellow cards
- when you winning and controling match you can add Take A Breather instruction at 75' (not earlier)
- when you're ties and nothing happens change mentality to Attacking on 25' minute (change it back to Control after 15 minutes)

4. Touchline Team Talks
Always use touchline team talks during your matches.
15'-20' - encourage (assertive)
36'-45' - concentrate (passionate)
50'-70' - demand more (passionate)
76'-90' - concentrate (passionate)

If your player is Looking nervous make individual touchline talk with him: Calm Down
If your opponent pushing very hard talk with your team: Show Some Passion