Basic tactic is 523 utilizing 3 strikers, 3 CBs, wingbacks.

now let me tell you when we should play with 442 or Eusebio.

You should play with 442 when you face the formations that utilize 1 striker, 2 wingers and no central attacking mid-fielder.
for example, 4123dm (433wide) and 523wide.

And in case of 'Eusebio vanco tweak', It should be used when you face the formations that utilize 1 striker and no attacking mid-fielders including AML, AMR, AMC. for example 4141, 451deep... etc.

And against all the other formations, play with 523 tactic.

523 v3.5

442 v3.5

Eusebio vanco tweak v1.5

General team training : balance - average

match prep. : leave it to your assistant manager

corner kicks : MCR or MCL

no opposition instructions (during match, you can set some OI's following your assistant)