Very Solid tactic, Created it as the original tactic on the beta. Always have an overlap on with the wing backs and inspired by Wolves/Chelsea/Bielsa tactics. Good to switch to if you want to shut up shop from the 4-3-3 and if you want to change it up and have more possession while still exploiting the channels. It's a great back up to the 4-3-3 and is a great alternative as you keep a similar shape and gameplan. While retaining more of the ball and a solid defensive shape.

The main tactic I would recommend. Very effective and direct. Been described as "annihilation football" Similar to how Leicester played, you give up possession to exploit the space with direct balls into the channels. By having quick advanced forwards who like to beat the offside trap as the wide forwards and a target man who can link up the play you get the overload on the opponents defence and create clear cut chances. Can be used as an underdog tactic. It'effective lower in the pyramid and as underdog tactic higher up.