In this tactic the most important players you will have in your squad are the wingers. They will be your goalscorers and together with an excellent Complete Forward you will have a goal machine tactic in hand. But remember (!) it will take you up to a month until you'll start seeing the real results of this tactic. With every team i played the beginning of the season was full of draws and small 1-0 wins but once all players are 100% familiar with this tactic you'll start hitting the net!

As this tactic is all about the wings the secondary most important players are your full backs. Note that you should set them to an 'Attack' role so they can overlap your inside forwards once they cross in to the box to score some goals. I was really amazed to see how the ball goes for the keeper to the BBM to your Advanced Playmaker who pass it to the side and the full back gets the ball into the far side of the box so my left inside forward blasts it into the net.